All about mail order brides

Where do people usually find a bride? How do they meet their future wives or husbands? There are different options. You may get acquainted with a nice person somewhere at a party or at a restaurant. One of your friends may introduce you to someone. Some people are lucky enough to meet their soulmate just by lucky circumstance - in the street or on a bus. You never know actually! But let’s be honest. What are the chances to meet someone so special by a happy occurrence?

Luckily, the modern world and its technologies offer many new opportunities for meeting and dating people. Have you ever heard about online dating? Have you ever considered looking for love on the Internet? If you have or even if you only make your first steps towards this new method of a partner searching - you definitely need to know who a mail order bride is. Let’s make a little research and find answers to the most frequently asked questions about mail order brides and finding women for marriage.

What is a mail order bride

Many people suggest that mail order brides are women who are mercantile and opportunistic. Some people think that all they want is a rich husband. But that can be said only by people who are really far from mail order bride business and who know very little about these women. Do not let gossips and malicious tongues make the wrong impression about mail order brides. Let us tell you more about them, so you have a better image and can make conclusions yourself.

A mail order bride is a woman who seeks a reliable and loyal husband. It is a woman who wants to be a loving and faithful wife herself. For different reasons, which we will explore later, she cannot find a husband in the country she was born in. That is why she decides to try other methods of a husband searching - mail order bride sites and marriage agencies. They are services that help single men and women find a partner and get married. It is a service that can assist you in arranging a successful marriage and a happy life.

To achieve that, a girl creates a personal page on one of these sites. When a profile is ready, this girl becomes a mail order bride and her journey of love hunting begins. A single man who as well seeks a gorgeous caring wife registers on the site himself and starts getting acquainted and talking to different girls so that he can choose the best wife for him. When two people match, they date, meet offline, maintain the relationship, and create a family.

Top reasons to become a mail order bride

There are many reasons why girls choose to be mail order brides. Before making such a decision, every girl thinks it over and studies the pros and cons. If she understands that this option totally suits her and she sees that there are so many advantages, she creates a user profile. That is why when you meet a mail order bride, be sure that she knows what she wants. She will not mess with your head or play games with you.

Now let’s explore the motives to become a mail order bride.

Single women want to get married

As obvious as it may sound, but it is just a fact that the majority of women strive to find a worthy man and create a family. Almost every girl from her childhood dreams of a perfect man, weeding, and family. Unfortunately, life does not always go the way we want. And every person always has two options to consider. The first one is to blame life, society, parents, and everything around. Or the second one is to get things under control and live the life you want. A choice between what is easy and what is better but much more challenging. Smart, responsible women usually prefer the last option. They know that if they have an aim to get married, they need to act. They go looking for a husband everywhere - even overseas.

Girls need a financial stability

Romance and love are amazing when it comes to meeting new people and dating. Love is a base for a successful relationship between a man and a woman, but it is not the only thing that forms a good marriage. What about financial stability? As we know, it is also one of the keys to a mature and strong union between two adults. Women need to feel that they and their children will always be safe and protected. A woman will always be attracted to a man who can offer her confidence in the future. It does not mean that you must be a millionaire or have three jobs to indulge her fancies and give her everything she wants. But be ready to prove that your future wife will not have to live in poor conditions.

Mail order brides desire to move

Girls who sign up to be a mail order bride usually come from comparatively poor nations. These countries are still developing and, unfortunately, cannot match many girls’ expectations. It is totally apparent that we all struggle to have a better life. It is also obvious that if you are not satisfied with your current life position, then it is time to make some changes. It's all in your hands. Mail order brides have clear intentions and they do not hide it. They want a better quality of life in a country that is developed and prosperous. Single men may consider it as a big advantage. A list of countries where the majority of mail order brides live is quite extensive. One of the magnificent, smart, and really beautiful women from Asia, Latin America, or post-soviet countries may change your life forever and become your ideal wife. The only problem that you may face is to choose the best women from such a long list.

They want to feel loved and supported

All people, men and women, often lack the feeling of love and support. We all crave to be needed. Women, being very tender and delicate creatures, feel really bad and neglected when they do not have a loving man by their side. That is why they are in a constant search of love. You need to understand that a woman may be strong and succeed in a career or be socially active. She may be happy with her life, but having a strong and reliable man will always mean a lot to her. It will fully complete her as she will be able to manifest her true femininity. Every girl wants to stay timid and sensitive.

How a man can benefit from using a mail order bride site

This service is convenient and efficient not only for women. Single men who strive to find a worthy woman and get married will also appreciate its advantages. Let’s find out what is so good about using mail order bride services:

  1. A big choice. It is dubious you can meet so many beautiful, intelligent, and interesting women who, on top of all of that, are looking for a partner in one place at one time. Even if you are a successful and handsome man with a good job and good intentions, there is still no guarantee you can find a worthy woman for marriage. It is just a question of mathematics and even luck. Registration on a mail order bride site increases your chances to find a wife exponentially. Imagine - thousands of women to choose from. Any man can find a woman to his preferences and taste.
  2. Convenience. Dating has never been easier! You do not even need to go out now. Your computer is quite enough to start meeting girls. A simple registration process and voila - choose a girl and begin communication. Even such things as giving presents or setting an offline date can be pre-arranged for you. Professional constant assistance will be always at your service. Isn’t that great?
  3. An opportunity to be yourself. Dates may be often nervous and stressful for those who are shy and not sure what to do on a date. When you first meet a woman you do not know what to expect. You do not know her intentions and plans. Often, we force ourselves to be someone we are not. Online dating has a big advantage: it is much easier to learn about girl’s plans, preferences, and desires. Her profile can tell a lot about her, and you can instantly understand whether you want to talk to her or not. You can choose a girl that suits you the most. In such a way, you make sure you talk to someone you can be yourself with because you have common interests and hobbies.

Typical characteristics of a mail order bride

All women are different. These differences depend on the background and culture a girl was born. Besides, such things as family and society, school, friends, and other factors may influence a person and form their personality. So, even women of the same nation may differ tremendously. But we will try to define the most common features that the majority of mail order brides has:

Mail order brides are family-oriented

That is the first and foremost characteristic that defines almost every mail order bride. The main reason why they choose to go searching for love online is creating a family. Women are naturally predisposed to be a loving wife and a caring mother. Thus, they strive to fulfill their calling and search for a man with similar purposes in life - making a family and having children.

Stunning appearance

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are different and our tastes differ too. But still, there are some common peculiarities which we may apply while describing mail order brides. First, their facial features are nice. Faces are pretty and look well-groomed. Skin is soft and pleasant to touch. Make-up is light, natural beauty is precious for them. Their bodies are fit and slim. Seductive curves and attractive forms are the icing on the cake. They know how to look stylish and charismatic. Put it in a nutshell, mail order brides are magnetizing, spicy, and hot. They know that it is highly important for every man how his wife looks. They try to be a picture of perfection. Though it costs considerable efforts.

Supportive and caring

It is believed that the role of a married couple is to go through foul and fair, in sickness and in health together. It is a principle that a mail order bride will stick to when she becomes a wife. She will be there for you when needed. She will give you a hand when you ask. She will always take your side no matter what. When she agrees to become your wife, she also agrees to care about you, be loving, and supportive. She will be an embodiment of true femininity and tenderness if you let her be so.

Perfect housewives

Mail order brides are not afraid of household chores. Usually, they are raised in families where a woman is the one who takes household responsibilities and a man brings home the bacon. Their mothers teach them how to make home clean and cozy. They are, as a rule, excellent cooks too. This is a big advantage for Western men as nowadays there is a tendency when women from Europe and America care a lot about career and spend a lot of time at work. Mail order brides, on the other hand, make good housewives. Family always comes first for them.

Mail order bride services: how they work?

  • The first step that a girl who wants to become a mail order bride takes is submitting an application. She needs to go through the documenting process in the beginning. The company makes sure that they select only the best candidates. Some tests and analysis may be required. The selection is so tough just to protect the users from scammers and fraud.
  • Then the photoshoot takes place, and a personal page is created. When you click on a girl’s page you have all the necessary information about the girl and can have a general idea of how she looks and what she is like.
  • The next step is for a man to take. Create your profile and fulfill it with the information about you. Also, upload some of your photos. Make sure your personal page looks nice and interesting.
  • Buying your membership is the following stage. All good online bride agencies charge for their services. It is totally explicable as site maintaining requires some money. But prices are usually affordable. If they are not, recheck if you are going to pay for a safe product.
  • Depending on your preferences, you are able to choose a girl from any country all over the world. Make a choice and start chatting. If you like the girl, maintain the relationship using chats, calls, videos, and so on.
  • You may set an offline date and meet your girl somewhere. Plan your meeting, decide where you want to see each other. Mail order bride services may assist in arranging the date.

Tips on how to date a mail order bride

Women and men are from different planets. In most cases, men have no idea what is in the girl’s head and what she wants. He may have the best intentions and serious plans, but still fail to win a beauty’s heart over. Here are some tips on how to be the best man she has ever dated:

  1. Do not be greedy. No one likes mean and arrogant people. Generosity and kindness are what distinguishes a really good man. It does not mean you have to buy costly presents every day or pay for everything she asks for, but try to show that you will not count every penny and your family will not have to live on a shoestring. Be nice and attentive. Every detail counts. Small presents, beautiful flowers, and shopping will make her so happy. You will definitely feel her gratitude and love in return.
  2. Be a gentleman. Girls lose their footing when there is a smart and well-mannered man in front of them. In a modern world, when all boundaries are vague and women are becoming more independent and strong, men occasionally forget that girls still want to feel like real princesses. Holding the door, giving her a hand, helping her to get in the car, telling her compliments, or noticing her new hairstyle will make her feel like a queen. Then she will treat you like a king.
  3. Good sense of humour is a big plus. Girls fall in love with men who can make them laugh. Arm yourself with good amusing stories. A few appropriate jokes will also work. Do not be afraid to look funny. If she is the one and gets your sense of humor, you both will be on the same wavelength.
  4. Make your communication interesting and diverse. The same topics may bore both of you. Tell her more about you, your hobbies and dreams. Share your experiences and worldview. Keep the conversation going. Ask her questions sincerely, with earnest curiosity. Open to her and make her open to you.
  5. Arrange more offline dates. Online communication has a lot of its benefits, but nothing can substitute face-to-face communication. Real dates are memorable and special. Ask her out more! Be spontaneous. She will fall in love with the idea of visiting new places. Ask her to come or visit her place. Arrange an exciting journey. Options are endless. You can certainly find something that will work for both of you.

Remember there is no formula for successful dating. You need to be yourself and, at the same time, prove that you are a worthy man. People often may misinterpret our words and actions. Try to be clear. Your intentions should not be ambiguous. And the most important - enjoy the process of dating!


Traditional dating is moving over in favor of online dating. Today, it is as obvious as never. Thousands of single people have managed to find their soulmates and create a family. It is a win-win situation for both sides - men and women. Mail order brides get what they want - a reliable and supporting husband, financial stability, clear prospect, and happy future. A man gets a beautiful and caring wife, a loyal friend, the best mother for his children, a cozy home, and a tidy household. Try mail order bride service, and it is guaranteed you will never regret it.